Amir, always friendly and genuine. I enjoy your thoughts and perspective.
Best of luck with all your endeavors and may your children continue to grow healthy and strong.


The way you come to the aid of others is fabulous. I’m better because you are the best.


I would like to express my appreciation with much gratitude and respect for the thoughtful and careful therapy you provided to relieve the pain caused from a problem with my leg.

You were patient, kind and always considerate. I am very grateful to your help.


I write to comment on my recent experience.

To the expertise of the therapist, in my case, Amir Hanna, I knew I was in a totally professional environment. The comfort of that knowledge in itself is therapeutic.

Amir’s education and experience put me at ease and allowed me to cooperate with his instructions. He has a great deal of physiological knowledge and put it to very good use in his work with me. After a few months or mostly twice weekly full hour session, the body pain has abated and the balance issues are improving.

I have recommended Amir to friends and will continue to do so.


I have been dealing with back problem for decades, and have been in physical therapy on several occasions at different therapy practices. My experience is like nothing I have come across before. When I started physical therapy with Amir Hanna, I was using a cane to get around, and wouldn’t go out without it. My ability to stand or walk for any distance was limited.

Amir worked with me one-on-one for a complete hour using his knowledge to get my whole body working better. How different was that! Not leaving me with ice, heat or gym machines for most of the hour as other therapists had done. With a short period of time, Amir got me to a place that I could give up the cane, and feel more able to get around. I am a BIG fan of this treatment style.


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