At Form and Function Physical Therapy, we believe PT should involve more than just pairing symptoms with generic, repetitive exercises. That’s why we provide personalized treatment designed to address the underlying cause of your symptoms, not just their most immediate manifestation.

In addition to physical therapy exercises tailored to your specific needs, we provide manual therapy to address nerve restrictions as well as the attachment of organs to the musculoskeletal system, both of which can affect movement. By recognizing the interdependence of internal structural balance and its outward expression as movement, we can deliver the improvements you want, without the discomfort of the typical “no pain, no gain” PT program.

Our treatments can be used to improve a variety of conditions. Our core service areas include:

Pre and Post Joint Replacement PT: By conditioning the musculoskeletal system before and after joint replacement surgery, we ensure a sound biomechanical support for the new joint, which promotes a faster, less painful recovery and enables you to maximize the benefits of your surgery.

Sports Injuries Treatment and Prevention: Sprains, strains, dislocations, back injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and more can be treated and avoided with exercises designed to rebuild strength and flexibility for proper movement pattern.

Spinal Stenosis Rehabilitation: Pain, numbness, and weakness common with spinal stenosis can be alleviated with our specialized treatment course, comprised of the right mix of both manual therapy and functional exercises.

Balance and Falls Prevention Program: Our fall prevention program includes measures to address and improve the many different causes of falls, such as balance issues, vestibular disorders, muscle weakness, poor posture, mobility issues, joint pain, and more.

Parkinson’s Program: Exercise can be extremely beneficial for Parkinson’s patients—if you do it correctly. We can design a personalized treatment program that will help you maximize the benefits of exercise to improve mobility and help reduce stiffness and “freezing”.

At Home PT: If you are recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, we can come visit you at your home to provide the physical therapy you need to regain mobility, flexibility, and strength. This will give you confidence and independence in daily living.

2D Video Motion Analysis: For sports performance clients, our optional Dartfish 2D video motion analysis, can pinpoint movement dysfunction and track your motion is improvement over the course of treatment.
Ask us about Dartfish 2D video movement analysis.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: For patients suffering from vertigo or dizziness stemming from an inner ear disorder, we help by using specific techniques and recommending appropriate exercises to eliminate the feeling of dizziness, and promote a more active lifestyle.

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