Balance and Falls Prevention Program

If you are over 65—or if you have a parent or loved one who is—falls and related injuries are a real danger. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults age 65 or older will take a fall in a given year, and 20 to 30 percent of these individuals will suffer a moderate or severe injury as a result. Injuries that affect mobility, such as a broken hip or a back injury, will at the very least affect the ability to lead an active life. At their most severe, they may spell an end to independence and self-reliance.

Don’t Leave Your Independence Up to Chance–Reduce the Risk of a Fall with Physical Therapy

Staying active is the single most effective way to reduce the risk of a fall. Unfortunately, many older people don’t feel confident with physical activity due to challenges with balance, muscle weakness, and/or joint pain. Physical therapy can help with all of these issues.

At Form and Function Physical Therapy, we won’t just stick you in the corner of the gym with a list of generic fall prevention exercises to do. Instead, we’ll develop a personalized physical therapy program based on your body and your goals, and then work closely with you one-on-one to ensure you do your exercises correctly and stay motivated throughout your whole session.

Some of the key therapies included in our fall prevention program are:

Balance training: Balance can be improved by addressing vision, posture, flexibility, proprioception (body-position sense), and vestibular (inner ear) function. We can provide exercises to improve both static (standing still) and dynamic (moving) balance.

Strength training: In order to provide stability while walking or standing, you need strong muscles in your legs and in your core. We can teach you specific functional exercises that you can do safely with us and at home.

Dual task training: For effective fall prevention, we need to train mind and body. Dual task training can help by improving your ability to handle two tasks at once, such as walking and talking or walking and carrying something.

Rehab for pain/injuries: Compensating for knee pain, hip pain, or other joint or muscle pain can make your gait uneven and contribute to the risk of a fall. We will assess your whole body motion, including internal balance, and recommend exercises and/or manual therapy that will help restore natural, normal motion and balance.

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