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Welcome to Form and Function Physical Therapy

Whether you want to safely achieve a fitness goal, you need to recover from a surgery or injury, or aim to maintain independent living, we make every effort to provide an outstanding experience.

By conducting a thorough assessment to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms, and by devising a customized, one-on-one treatment plan, you get to move better and feel better!

Get physical therapy before and after joint surgery to recover faster, with less pain
Our personalized physical therapy helps athletes of all levels perform their best
Find relief from the pain and mobility restrictions of spinal stenosis with our help
We help seniors preserve their independence with PT to promote balance and strength
Get the most from your Parkinson’s exercise routine by collaborating with us
Enjoy superior quality physical therapy in the comfort & convenience of your own home
See the results of your physical therapy with Dartfish 2D video motion analysis
Learn to control the symptoms of inner ear problems for better balance and a more active lifestyle

Our philosophy

At Form and Function Physical Therapy, reaching your functional goals is how we measure our success. Unlike the “No pain no gain” treatment model, our approach helps you unlock your full movement potential by focusing on improving the quality of your motion first. In turn, this provides you with the reliable dynamic foundation needed to meet your movement demands. By restoring the internal structural balance with manual therapy along with specific function based exercises, you experience a painless return of full motion.


Don’t let injury or surgery limit your life. We can provide comprehensive physical therapy to restore your normal, natural movement and relieve pain.


We help athletes of all skill levels perform at their highest level with treatments designed to optimize physical function and prevent injury.


By improving balance and mobility, we help senior citizens regain their confidence to continue living independently without undue fear of injury.

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