Vestibular Rehabilitation

Do you have vestibular or inner ear problems? Don’t let the resulting vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and balance problems rule your life. You can reduce these symptoms and become more active with vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

At Form and Function Physical Therapy, we provide specialized physical therapy to help address vestibular disorders. Your treatment will be based on our detailed clinical knowledge and personalized to your unique needs. The main tasks we will focus on are:

  • Promoting Compensation: Once the vestibular system is damaged, there is no way to restore full vestibular function. What we can do is train the brain to use other senses to compensate for the lost vestibular function. For example, with habituation exercises, we can gradually teach your brain to ignore the abnormal inner ear signals that cause dizziness after certain movements or stimuli. Gaze stabilization exercises can be used to train your brain to replace lost vestibular function with vision and body sense.
  • Improving Balance: We can also teach you functional exercises to help improve your stability and balance during all kinds of daily activities. This includes standing, walking, bending, reaching, turning, and any other movements you may have trouble with. Your exercises will be tailored to your ability level, to ensure they are challenging enough to promote improvement, but not so challenging that they are unsafe.
  • Restoring Mobility If you have suffered from a vestibular disorder for some time without treatment, chances are it has forced you to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. You may experience muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, joint stiffness, reduced mobility, and reduced stamina as a result. Once your dizziness and balance issues are improving, we can begin to focus on exercises to restore strength and mobility so you can become more active without fear of pain or injury.

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