Spinal Stenosis Rehabilitation

Spinal stenosis can be a debilitating condition. You may suffer from so much pain, numbness, or weakness in your lower back, legs, arms, or neck while standing and/or walking even short distances that many normal daily tasks will become all but impossible for you.

At Form and Function Physical Therapy, we can help.

  • As a first step in treatment, we will carefully evaluate your movement to identify the motions that cause you pain. We can then help you learn to move without putting stress on your spine, which will spare you unnecessary discomfort.
  • Next, we will gradually begin strength and stretching exercises that will help improve the position of your spine and promote a proper relationship between your spine and various muscles, tendons, and joints. Restoring proper internal balance in this way will not only relieve pain and inflammation; it will help you build endurance for exercise and for daily activities.
  • Neural manipulation can also be very helpful in treating the nerve issues associated with spinal stenosis.

For many patients, physical therapy for spinal stenosis can deliver significant improvements in mobility and ability, rendering surgery unnecessary.

However, if you have already had spinal stenosis surgery, we can guide you through your post-surgery rehabilitation. This will involve a personalized physical therapy program designed to help manage pain, retrain the muscles in your back that stabilize the spine, address any mobility restrictions associated with the surgery, and ultimately enable you to return to all your normal activities.

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